Abundare exists to help us see the abundance of the Father's love for us through the beautiful time-honoured medium of Celtic Scriptural Art.
Celtic scriptural art is an ancient art form originating in the British Isles. It combines traditional techniques of knotwork and calligraphy with the Word of God, brought to these islands during the first century AD. After the departure of the Roman legions in the 5th century, Christianity continued to be spread throughout these lands on foot by the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon disciples of Iesus - Columba, Patrick, Ninian, David, Aidan are amongst the most well-known - and through the artwork of skilled scribes, masons and woodcutters. The Celtic tradition continues to inspire and guide today through communities around the world. For more information see the links page. 
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He loves us
He cherishes us
We are His precious children
His Children

They love him

They know him

because of Jesus Christ

They are obedient to his call 

They follow him, guided by his Word

And the good counsel of his Spirit

They pour themselves into making the world a better place 

Translating his truth, compassion, grace and justice into public service

Being salt and light in order to preserve the good in society

Because they see the state society is in

They see the ignorance, the arrogance, the injustice,

the abuse of power, the vulnerable and the innocent

This pains them and makes them angry

because it isn’t right; it isn’t fair


God sees it all

Sees all that they are doing for his son

He is Abba, the father who cherishes us all so much

Who delights in us and rejoices

Calling out to the angels, ‘Come, look at what my precious child is doing!'

And just as they want to bring a better, more abundant life to others 

So the Father wants them to see the life full to the brim and flowing over

that his son Jesus came to show them

My God-given mission is to be a conduit for the Father’s love

To create artwork which his children will be able to see with their eyes and carry in their heart

To help them to remember the love-letter the Father has written to them in His Word


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