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Abundare brings the ancient beauty of Anglo-Celtic illuminated art to a new 21st century audience through the creation of unique, personalised quality works.
I believe we were created for abundance: a life filled with beauty, awe, hope, laughter, joy, good fellowship with those we love; a life enjoying the Creator's masterpiece: the wonder that is the natural world. Jesus said it himself: 'I've come so that they can have life; life to the full.' Yet somehow we have managed to deprive ourselves of so much of that with our modern, disconnnected lives. Abundare exists to help us reconnect with that abundance, to reconcile with our original purpose; to go back to the beginning and breathe again...
Celtic Art is the ancient, indigenous art form of the British Isles. It is inspired by the patterns found in nature and the traditional techniques of knotwork used in the weaving of natural products to form clothing, housing and tools. It found its most supreme form of expression in its marriage with the gospel (good news) of Christ, brought to these islands during the first century AD and following the departure of the Roman legions in the 5th century, spread throughout these lands on foot by the courageous Celtic and Anglo-Saxon disciples of Iesus - Columba, Patrick, Ninian, David, Aidan are amongst the most well-known - and through the artwork of skilled scribes, masons and woodcutters. It is this Celtic tradition that continues to inspire Abundare and many others today through the  contemporary application of this artform and through the many communities around the world. To learn more, see the Sites of Interest page here.
Abundare is a platform for the northern British artist, musician and poet, Anthony Hodgson.

Before the building of the mountains,

Before the filling of the seas,

Before the digging of the valleys,

And the dressing of the trees

I chose you

For I saw you

Shimmering in the filaments

That run through history.

I see it all

All that you are,

Your hopes and fears,

disappointments and dreams.

I am your father who cherishes you so much

Who delights in you and rejoices

Calling out to the angels,

‘Come, look at what my precious child is doing!'

I love you,

I believe in you

Because you

Are my most precious child.

And because you are

My most precious child,

Like any good father,

I want you to live that life

My son came to show you,

A life so full to the brim

It's overflowing

Here and now and

Forever more.

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