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A Life Full to the Brim and Pouring Over

The photo above was taken by my cousin recently. He sent it to me to inspire me (I live in smoky, old London and sometimes it's hard to be so far from the wild, beautiful north where I grew up). The photo is taken from the inside of an old caravan where we've been staying since we were children, when our Mams (that's Mum in Yorkshire dialect) would bring us for a week or two during the summer holidays.

The caravan is on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, a national park of great beauty in the north of England. I love the photo because we're inside looking out. Inside we can see a cup of tea. But it's finished and the door is open, inviting us to venture outside. To explore, to discover, to have fun. To go on an adventure! To take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful life we've been given.

Outside, the sun is shining. Everything is alive! The birds are singing, the insects are buzzing, the breeze is playing with the raggedy leaves of the ancient great oaks which stand guard around the old caravan. There is a whole world of beauty out there. Waiting to be explored. This is how I feel about this blog. We're just at the beginning. But we're about to go out. Together. To enjoy all the wonderful things our Father, the Creator, has made for us.

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