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This artwork is a little gem. Stunning and beautiful, delicate and vibrant, it is a contemporary reflection on one of the foundations of the Christianity in the ancient, indigenous art of the British Isles, which can be traced back to the Celtic peoples the Roman invaders called Pictii. The illuminated lettering style used here is from the 7th century Lindisfarne Gospels whilst the knotwork border which decorates the surrounding mount is taken from designs found in Perthshire, Scotland.

'Faith', the title of the piece, is one of the three cardinal virtues, and found throughout the Bible. In chapter 11, the writer of the Book of Hebrews tells us that 'faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.'

The artwork would make a beautiful and timeless gift for anyone appreciative of traditional Celtic art and Scripture.

'Faith'. Beautiful, original Celtic artwork in Winsor & Newton inks.

Color: White
  • Frame: white; 6 x 8" (152 x 203mm)

    'Faith' was created using:

    Canson 1557 180gsm with Winsor & Newton inks
    Daley Rowney Artists GRAPHIC B and F grades
    Winton fine hog
    Rowney nylon '0'
    Pro Arte Series B Hog, Series 22 Hog varnish

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