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Scotland. Country of untamed highlands, majestic bens, glimmering lochs and hidden glens. The land of the mighty stag, exquisite whiskies, tartans and a courageous people with a heritage of heroes and heroines. The 'St Andrew's Day Blessing' is a celebration of Scotland and an original by the artist, completed in November 2020. It features a blessing for Scotland in beautiful Celtic calligraphy within a traditional Pictish knotwork pattern border. A simple illustration of the Saltire, or Scottish flag of St Andrew, completes this artwork.


'A St Andrew's Day Blessing' would make a very special gift for anyone who holds Scotland close to their heart, in celebration of St Andrew's Day, Christmas, a birthday or simply to show your appreciation for them.



The original artwork was created using Winsor & Newton inks and Staedler 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 Unipin on Canson 180gsm paper. It is available as:


  • the original
  • a Limited Edition
  • a 9 x 11" Framed Print
  • an A4 print
  • as a A5 Greetings Card.

Prices are inclusive of postage and packing.



The printing is done at the Southside Rehabilitation Association (SRA) Copyshop, a local charity rehabilitating adults recovering from mental health issues into the workplace. Every sale therefore benefits SRA.


The 9 x 11" frame is bought at the local A & S HomeCare store in West Norwood which sources them from The Ready Made Picture Frame Company workshop in Basingstoke, 55 miles from Abundare. This is important to Abundare for two reasons: one, each sale supports local business and two, because of its close proximity, Abundare's carbon footprint is much reduced. 

St Andrew's Day Blessing

  • White 9 x 11" (228 x 279mm) frame.

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