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England, country of moors and fells, rivers and dales, meadow and woodland is a land of many contrasts, both geographically and culturally. It also has a long history of the defence of civil liberty and freedom, from the Molmutine Laws (c.450 BC) and Magna Carta (1215) to the Bill of Rights (1688). As a result England has been seen as a haven for exiles from the Huguenots (1600's to the Afghans (2000's). it is also a nation of great innovation and creativity. As an artist I wanted to celebrate this and so created this artwork, using a knotwork border found in the great Lindisfarne Gospel (700AD) and headed by the flag of St George, patron saint of England.


This unique artwork would make a very special gift for anyone who holds England close to their heart, in celebration of St George's Day, Christmas, a birthday or simply to show your appreciation for them.

The 'St George's Day Blessing' is an original by the artist. and was completed in March 2021.
The artwork was created using Winsor & Newton inks and Staedler 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 Unipin on Canson 180gsm paper.

It is available as :

  • the original
  • a Limited Edition
  • a 9 x 11" Framed Print
  • an A4 print
  • as a A5 Greetings Card.


Prices are inclusive of postage and packing.

The printing is done at the Southside Rehabilitation Association (SRA) Copyshop, a local charity rehabilitating adults recovering from mental health issues into the workplace. Every sale therefore benefits SRA.


The 9 x 11" frame is bought at the local A & S HomeCare store in West Norwood which sources them from The Ready Made Picture Frame Company workshop in Basingstoke, 55 miles from Abundare. This is important to Abundare for two reasons: one, each sale supports local business and two, because of its close proximity, Abundare's carbon footprint is much reduced.

St George's Day Blessing

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