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The beautiful 'Go n-éiri an bóthar leat', which translates as 'May Your Journey be Successful' in Gaelic has been attributed by some scholars to St Padraig or Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland, and lived in the 5th century - for more on St Patrick, read here.


This A4 print is a striking rendition of the ancient Irish blessing which would traditionally be offered to someone moving into a new home: it is normally hung in an entrance porch or hallway so that it is the first and last thing visitors to the home see. It is rendered in Celtic script based upon the calligraphy found in the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels, with the intricate border taken from ancient Pictish knotwork.

Four colours are used: three are those of the Bratach na hÉireann, or the Irish tricolour: orange representing the Protestant north, green, the Catholic south and white, peace between the two. I have placed the intertwined cords on a blue background to represent the sea on which Ireland sits.

This unique, framed artwork would make an ideal gift for a very special person's new home or indeed your own. Equally it can be offered as a present for St Patrick's Day, Ireland's national holiday, celebrated around the world, or to anyone appreciative of the timeless beauty of Celtic art and The Emerald Isle.

Traditional Irish Blessing

  • This frame is white and measures 13 3/4 x 10 inches (349 x 254mm).

    The print is from the Copyshop, a business supporting the rehabilitation of mental health clients only 5 minutes from the Abundare studio.  The frame is from another shop here in South London. This is important to Abundare as it supports the local community, vulnerable adults and lessens the carbon footprint, thus helping to minimise pollution.

    All packaging at Abundare is done using recycled material where possible. 


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