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Groam House Museum

Groam House Museum in Rosemarkie on the north-east coast of Scotland hosts the largest collection of Pictish stones in the country. Twelve miles north-east of Inverness, it is also the home to the archives of George Bain, the influential teacher and enthusiast of Celtic Art. There was also monastery here established by St Moluag, Abbott of Lismore. Moluag, an Irish noble of the Dal Araide tribe (now Ulster) who was born 500-520. In 562 he founded a monastic community on the Isle of Lismore, which was an isle sacred to the Picts (it was where their kings were cremated),  before working his wsay north-east to found another at the other end of Loch Ness in Rosemarkie. Rosemarkie became a very important site of Celtic Christianity and may have had a considerable influence on the Book of Kells which some scholars believe was created on Iona. During the course of his long life Moluag is said to have founded a hundred monasteries and churches throughout the Highlands. After a life of adventure, Moluag finally went to live with his Lord in the Heavenly Lands in 592. To find out more about Groam House Museum, go to the website here.

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