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St Piran's Oratory


At the end of England in the land once known as Dumnonia, where some say King Arthur and Lady Guinevere held court there are so many crosses, holy wells and churches that it was once known as the 'Land of Saints', and St Piran is one of their patron saints, along with St Petroc and Saint Michael. Born in the 400's, Piran was Irish and hopefully, if you have enjoyed reading these pages, you willl have realised just what a huge influence those missionaries from the Emerald Isles had on post-Roman Britain. He landed in Dumnonia and established a monastery just north-east  of present day Perrranporth. As well Cornwall, he may well have been active in Brittany and Ireland. St Piran's Oratory, which was under sand for many years, has been excavated and the remains can be seen together with the oldest cross in England. For more, read here, to whom thanks are due for the use of the  image:

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