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Caedda, or St Chad as we now know him, was the youngest of four Northumbrian brothers who were all educated under St Aidan at Lindisfarne and then in Ireland. Chad and Cedd both lived at the monastery in Lastingham, which had been built in 651-55. Although Cedd died of the plague in 664, Chad went on to become the first Bishop of Lichfield, though the title bears nothing to what we might think today. Despite being noble himself, Chad was a humble man and refused to ride a horse, preferring instead to walk as the common man did, sharing his Good News wherever he went. The first abbey was destroyed, traditionally by Vikings in 1066. The second, ironically, was built by those other Vikings, the Normans but abandoned in favour of York. The crypt, built to house Cedd's bones, still remains, along with some lovely knotwork masonry. For more, read here. Photo Credit:

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