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to commission a painting

To commission a painting is special. Whereas most of us will buy a generic artwork in the form of a print or card at some point in our lives, a commission is a unique, never-to-be-repeated creation. It is deeply personal, created through the interaction between client and artist.
At Abundare a commission will be based around the combination of Anglo-Celtic knotwork, words and painting. You may want to illuminate a favourite verse, prayer or saying; a geneaology or the name of your family or a person, for example, a child. It may be as a gift for a baptism, birthday, marriage, graduation, housewarming or any of the many ways we have to celebrate the different stages in our lives.  
If this idea resonates with you, the steps below outline the process of commissioning such an artwork.

1. Choose your Text

Firstly, you need to decide on the text you want. At Abundare, all text will be in the insular style (Celtic) and capitals illuminated (decorated with colour and knotwork). Here are a few examples of what that text might be:

  • a single letter

  • a family name

  • a personal name

  • two names

  • a scriptural verse

  • a poem

  • a saying

Frame 2K px.jpg

2. Background

Next, how do you want the background of the text to appear?

  • plain white

  • a pastel ink wash e.g. blue or pink

  • decorated with images

The choice is yours!


3.Choose your Border

Now you need to choose size, style and type of border. Would you like: A3, A4, A5 or a Custom Size?

Once you've decided on your size, you need to decide on the style of border. To get an idea of what we offer, click here to choose.

Finally, will it be mounted - that is, a border drawn onto a separate mount - or directly onto the paper itself? 


4. Frame

Once the artwork is complete, do you want us to frame the artwork or do you prefer to frame it yourself? Some prefer to have us frame it (the artwork may be a gift going directly to a friend) whilst others prefer to wait (for example, in order to match it to a wall). If you prefer us to frame the piece, the frames are made with pine here in the UK at The Ready Made Picture Frame Company, and available in the flowing colours: white; black; silver; gold; natural.

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