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St Dogmaels

Aside from being a place of beautiful beaches and countryside, St Dogmaels (Welsh: Llanudoch, or 'church of Dogfael') Pembrokeshire is host to one of the richest collections of Celtic stones in Britain. St Dogfael was a Celtic hermit who lived in the 500's and established several cells in Pembrokeshire, Anglesey and Brittany. At the Coach House Heritage Centre, next to St Dogmael's Priory, is a stunning collection of early (600-900's) inscribed Christian stones. Next to the Norman Abbey, in the church of St Thomas the Apostle you can study a fascinating Sagranus Stone with an Ogham inscription. Ogham, or the Beithluisnion (etymology: birch + mountain ash) is the pre-Latin written language of the British Isles). Read more here.

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