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St David's Cathedral


St David, born c.500 is the patron saint of Cymru, or Wales. According to  a biographer, he was the son of a Welsh chieftain, Sant and the woman he raped, St Non. He grew up to be a celebrated preacher and teacher and impresssed his listeners so much at the Synod of Brefi in 550 that he chosen as bishop of the region. Many miracles were attributed to him, amongst others, raising a child from the dead and restoring a blind man's sight. During his lifetime, he established many monastic communities and churches throughout Cymru, Dumnonia, and Brittany, though it's hard for us today to understand why men would want to join such an extreme lifestyle: monks submitting themselves to The Rule of David survived on bread, water, herbs and salt. No beer, no meat, no oxen for the plough - that was done by the monks themselves. David went to be with his Lord in 569/601. One of the last things he told his followers was "Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd"("Do ye the little things in life") which remains today a very well known phrase in Cymru. He was buried at the monastery in the Glyn Rhosyn valley, Pembrokeshire, upon which stands the present day St David's Cathedral

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