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to commission a painting

When we create a piece of art together, that painting is deeply personal and unique to whoever it is intended for. Being so personal, that will mean different things to different people. For some, it will represent all that 'a life full to the brim and flowing over' will look like in their eyes: the best that life can be - their hopes and dreams, all that is precious and beautiful in their life. So for one lady, having her nails manicured and a sit down meal with her family was a symbol of that full life - because our Father cares about the smallest things. For another, it might be the visual celebration of the nation restored to God or indeed, Jesus' return as king. It might be a verse that changed their life or carried them through the years; just one image or a montage of many.
More than being just a painting on their wall, this piece of art will give them something wonderful and uplifting to reflect upon, day by day. It will be something to encourage them and at times challenge them - as a reminder of that abundant life the Father wants for them. It will be something to inspire them. 
If this idea resonates with you as a wonderful way to show someone how much they are appreciated, the steps below outline the process of commissioning such a artwork.
  • we arrange a date when we are both free.

  • we meet up for a coffee and a chat (this may be a Video Call if distance is an obstacle)

  • at this initial meeting I will: 

    • invite you to share your hopes and reasons behind the commission

    • share my mission

    • take notes

  • if, after our conversation, you feel that you wish to commission an artwork, we will then proceed to the Commissioning Phase


  • At home I share your commission with my Artistic Advisor - the Holy Spirit

  • I pray to the Creator in accordance with Proverbs 3:5,6 - 'in all things acknowledge him and he will direct your paths' before putting pencil, pen, pastel or brush to paper, wood or canvas to begin the process

  • Normally the artwork should take from 2-4 weeks to complete depending upon the size; framing might take up to another month 


  • we decide upon the process - is it a surprise gift? How much do you want them to know? We will need to know how 'an abundant life' looks to the individual - will I meet the person or will you? (this is all part of the excitement!) How to go about it? 

  • We decide upon details:

    • size; medium; frame

    • presentation (date, place, delivery, unveiling etc)

  • payment plan


  • time to celebrate!

  • on the agreed date, we present the person with the completed artwork at an unveiling ceremony

  • this takes place at a pre-arranged location: this could be the person's home, a hired venue, their place of work, their church or my studio