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'Just Climb!'

Do you ever wonder if you’re worrying too much? Getting a little too anxious about the marketing, the social media, the e-commerce, your landing page, your USP? Marketplace trends? If you’re like me then you know you do. Last year God had a word with me about

my worries!

Theo on top of 'Le Rocher', Ardeche, 2019

It was June. A bunch of us were doing an online mentoring programme – the Created to Thrive course - by the excellent Matt Tommey. We were going through a section in the workbook entitled ‘Embracing Dissatisfaction’, which was all about dissatisfaction, frustration and how they can be a good thing (as in letting you know that something needs to change). After ‘Taking Inventory’ and ‘Taking it to God’ it was time for ‘Taking Action’. That’s when God said it. ‘I want you to climb! Move on! ’ That’s was it. I got it. I was worrying too much. About my art business and all the why’s and wherefore’s, when all I needed to do was ‘just climb’.

'Created to Thrive', Matt Tommey, 2018

The reality is, God already knows where those hidden seams of gold are. And they’re not moving. They’ve been there since before we were born: he planned it all. He already knows who we need to be in touch with, whose path we need to cross, which intersections and alignments need to be made. Surely, you’ve heard what he says? ‘For I know the plans I have for you.’ He knows his plans for you and me: we don’t need to worry. All we need to do is climb. Concentrate on our footholds and handholds, on staying close to, and moving up the rockface. Focus. When we’re climbing there’s no room for distraction, no looking around (except to see where the next ledge or crack is). That’s our job: he’ll do the rest.

In his time (and that’s crucial to remember – his time, not ours) we’ll reach that seam of gold. we’ll reach the top, we’ll sit down to catch our breath. We’ll look down and see where we came from – all that exertion and precision and skill it took to get us here. Then we’ll look outwards and reap the fruits of our labour. And what a view! When we catch the view, when we sweep our eyes across the whole, beautiful landscape before us, we’ll understand that it was all worth it.

So, let’s not worry; he’s got it all in hand. Let’s ‘just climb’.

Vallee de la Vollane, Ardeche, 2019

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